The Brownwood Housing Authority, also know as BHA, is one of the largest landlords in Brown County, Texas.  We develop, acquire, lease, and operate affordable housing for Brown County, Texas residents with limited income.  

Brownwood Housing Authority (BHA) provides long-term rental housing and rental assistance to 737 families in Brownwood, Texas.  The agency owns and operates Housing Units of all shapes and sizes on more than 5 sites (236 units)throughout the Brown County, Texas area. It is governed by a Board of Commissioners.

We offer a variety of programs to fit the needs of low and moderate income families, senior and handicapped adults in the Brown County, Texas area.  We offer many programs to assist in your quest to move up and out of public housing and perhaps into homeownership, which is still the goal and dream of most Americans. 


It's our policy to serve our customers without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, physical handicap or disability.